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one step PVB laminating glass machine

one step PVB laminating glass machine
Product Detailed

PSYQ36-24 one step PVB laminating glass machine
1. Not need autolave
2. Not need pre-pressing exhaut
3. Not need the room with temperature control and dehumidity equipment to close the glass and PVB film.
4. Heating layers and 5 workpiece layers,can use PVB film and EVA to laminate glass in one process.
5. Apply large area infrared heating element,heating both side of glass,high heating efficiency.
6. Laminating flate glass and curve glass.
7. Simens PLC,touching monitor.
8. Maximum working environment temperature:160°C
Apply film and technics
1. Apply EVA film to laminating glass. The quality of laminating glass is relatively small affected by humidity for applying EVA film,it is not need the dehumidity equipment.
2. Apply PVB film to laminating glass, our machine can make out good quality laminating glass without dehumidity equipment as applying EVA film.
Analysis of PVB Laminating technics presently
Presently,PVB laminating technics with autoclave,we conside that:
1. Pre-presse exhaust process can only exhaust out a part of air and humidity,the spare air and wet is compress to disappear in laminating glass,for high humidity than40%,the wet air is too large to diaappear by autoclave technics.
2. Sometimes,laminating glass with autoclave technics appear bladder when the laminating glass is in 100°C water for 2hours,the reason is at 100°C the PVB film bccome flexible, the force of compress air is disappear ,so that the air bladder is appear.
3. Toughened glass is not flate, lamianting toughened glass with autoclave technics can presse the melt PVB to everywhere.
4. Autoclave technics is not relativity to felt intensity of PVB with glass.
Model Machining size(mm) Working layer number Machining thickness(mm) Machine size(mm)weight(kg) Power kw Time/stove(h)
PSYQ36-24 3660*2440 2-8 30-100 4700*3000*2400
8800kg 40-100 2.5-5
PCSYQ60-24 5500*2440 2-8 30-100 6000*3000*2400
12000kg 40-100 2.5-5

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